35 hours of approved Driver CPC periodic training takes place every calendar month at our main training centre in Cardiff.

Each training day is for a duration of 8 hours, of which 7 hours is approved Driver CPC periodic training with the remaining hour being broken up into 2 x 15 minute breaks and 1 x 30 minute lunch break.

A summary of daily course content is outlined below:

Day 1 Driver Regulations

Legal legislation, VOSA GV 262 & Working Time Directive
Driver’s Licence & Driver CPC explained
Documents to be carried by the driver
Drivers Hours Regulations
Tachographs, Digital & Analogue
Daily walk around checks
Rules of the road – The Highway Code

Day 2 Health and Safety for Driver’s

The Traffic environment & risks to the driver
Alcohol awareness
Fitness to drive – medical
Dealing safely with road accidents
Fire awareness
Bridge strikes & tunnel procedures
Fatigue & stress on the driver

Day 3 Emergency First Aid Training

Role of the first aider
Dealing with accidents
Recovery position
CPR – Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
Dealing with choking
Dealing with burns
Other miscellaneous conditions

Day 4 Load Securing

Legal aspects of Load safety
Load safety practice – good & bad
Basic principles of physics & load movement
Various types of load
Securing loads with restraining systems
Basic principles of manual handling

Day 5 Driving Economically

What is Economic driving?
Cost and types of fuel
Defensive driving
Importance of Route planning
Manoeuvring the vehicle into restricted spaces
Stress – causes /prevention /signs and symptoms
Fuel saving measures