Cheap Medicals for PCV Driver’s in Cardiff, South Wales

Big Wheelers (South Wales) Limited are able to provide cheap PCV medicals for both new and old
PCV D1 and PCV D drivers at a cost from just only £50.00!

In general PCV medicals for PCV D1 and PCV D drivers take place on average every 14 days at our
main training centre in Llanishen, Cardiff, CF14 5GH. Some PCV medical appointments are held on a
Saturday and other PCV medicals are arranged during the working week.

When attending your PCV medical appointment you should bring with you a DVLA form D4 medical
form, glasses or contact lenses if required when driving, and both parts of your driving licence or valid
passport as proof of identity.

If you do not have a D4 medical form do not worry as Big Wheelers (South Wales) Limited will provide
you with an up to-date DVLA form D4 medical form (for you to give to the doctor to complete) and
also a DVLA form D2 (for you to apply for a new provisional PCV D1 or PCV D licence entitlement).

How to book a PCV medical appointment

During normal office hours please call 02920766600 or 07918776553; during the evening or weekend
you can book your cheap PCV medical by calling 07792180827. You will need to provide your name,
type of medical required and contact telephone number. In return you will be given the date and time
of your PCV medical appointment, it’s that simple!

Future PCV Medical Appointments

At Big Wheelers (South Wales) Limited we welcome both experienced PCV drivers who require a PCV medical to renew their current HGV licence and we also welcome new PCV drivers who are applying for their first PCV D or PCV D1 provisional licence entitlement.

The PCV medical fee of £50.00 is NOT required to be paid in advance. Simply pay on the day.

Cheap PCV medicals for all drivers are available at our PCV training centre in Cardiff on the following dates:

Saturday 12th May
Saturday 19th May
Saturday 2th June
Saturday 16th June
Saturday 30th June
Saturday 14th July
Saturday 28th July
Saturday 11th August
Saturday 1st September
Saturday 15th September
Saturday 29th September
Saturday 13th October
Saturday 27th October
Saturday 10th November
Saturday 24th November
Saturday 8th December
Saturday 22nd December

Please be aware that if you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving you must see your optician beforehand and ask for a “Prescription” and produce the prescription to the doctor – This requirement was introduced in April 2013.

Circumstances beyond our control: In the unlikely event of any medical clinic being postponed or cancelled we will endeavour to keep you informed via telephone or email at least 24 hours beforehand.

Should you have any questions regarding your PCV Medical, DVLA Form D4 or DVLA Form D2 please call our office and we will be very happy to assist.

How to apply for a provisional PCV D1 or PCV D licence entitlement

To apply for your PCV provisional entitlement you need to complete a DVLA form D2 and the doctor
will complete the medical report DVLA form D4. If required a member of Big Wheelers (South
Wales) Limited staff will be on hand to help give professional advice on the application process after
attending your medical with the doctor.

You will need to send the DVLA forms D2 and D4 plus both parts of your current driving licence to the
DVLA in Swansea. There is no application fee.

SA99 1BR

It will take approximately 3 weeks for the DVLA to process your PCV licence application. This may
take longer if your health or personal details need to be checked.