New drivers acquiring a PCV vocational entitlement (D, D+E, D1, D1+E licence) after the 10th September 2008, or an LGV vocational entitlement (C, C+E, C1, C1+E licence) after 10th September 2009 will have to obtain the initial Driver CPC before being able to drive professionally. The new training format will be:

Module 1 – Theory Test (two parts)  (2.5 hours)
Module 2 – CPC Case Study    ( 1.5 hours)
Module 3 – Practical Test       ( 1.5 hours)
Module 4 – Vehicle Safety Demonstration  (0.5 hours)

Further detailed information regarding the initial process for Driver CPC qualification can be found on this website under ‘hgv training’ and ‘pcv training’.