Provisional Category B+E Driving Licence:

The first step is to make sure you have a full category B driving licence with a provisional category B+E entitlement on your counterpart driving licence.

Theory Test:

There is no theory test for licence category B+E.

Practical B+E Driving Lesson / Assessment:

We will be happy to provide a free one hour B+E driving lesson. For this you will need to produce your driving licence. Upon booking you will also need to provide a code for the office staff to double check the provisional licence is valid. Further information is available via the link‐driving‐licence

The B+E driving lesson will consist of a brief introduction about rules and procedures required when towing trailers, followed by you driving on-road in various traffic situations and completing an off-road reversing exercise.

After the assessment the instructor can advise as to how many hours or training days needed in order to reach test standard. Assessment drives are available most days from 3pm and on Saturday mornings. To book a free (no obligation) B+E driving lesson drive please call our office at your convenience.

As a guide, on average most newly qualified category B drivers require from four to five days B+E training in order to reach test standard. If you have additional experience such as reversing trailers on a farm or building site the driving course duration may be reduced to just three days.

Practical Driver Training & Test

A normal training day when conducted on a ‘one to one’ basis will be a period of four hours tuition.

The practical training course will cover all aspects required by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) Syllabus. Items covered will include vehicle safety check questions, driving on urban & rural roads, dual carriageways & motorways and off-road reversing exercise.

Big Wheelers (South Wales) Limited are registered with the DSA as a training provider and are able to book B+E practical driving tests up to ten weeks in advance.This allows us a great deal of flexibility to arrange a course and test to suit your personal commitments.

Under normal circumstances your practical test is always taken on the final day of your training.