After passing your LGV / PCV driving test depending on the type of driving you undertake, in general you will be required to understand and operate within drivers’ hours regulations which will involve the operation of various types of tachographs.

With the introduction of the new style digital tachograph in 2006, LGV & PCV driver’s are most likely to encounter a digital tachograph very soon, in particular when required to drive hire vehicles.

Training can take place on-site at your company premises, or for private individuals at our training centre in Cardiff. The main types of training offered are as follows:

  • Drivers hours and the Analogue Tachograph
  • Drivers hours and the Digital Tachograph
Theory & Practical Training:

Main topics covered during the Driver course will be as follows:

  • Gaining a clear understanding of both EU and UK legislation governing the operation of digital tachographs.
  • A detailed examination of the actual digital tachograph system, comprising the vehicle unit, sensor, speedometer and smart cards.
  • Looking at the different tachograph smart cards, how they differ, how they are issued and, to who.
  • Data security.
  • How the digital tachograph is used, including logging on and off, manual entries, data display, menu structures, adjusting time settings, etc.
  • Learning about pictograms and their various combinations.
  • Using printouts, interpreting the data and understanding the requirements for mixed analogue and digital operations.

Main topics covered during the Manager course will be as follows:

  • Addressing fears and concerns of drivers at the pre-training stage.
  • Consideration of issues relating to tachograph card fees, the cost of card replacement and fundamental issues such as what to do if a driver loses his card or fails to bring it to work.
  • Understanding how and in what form data is recorded, how it can be downloaded and the options for storing and archiving data
  • How company data is protected by “locking-in” and “locking-out”.
  • The benefits of digital information for helping improve driver safety and vehicle utilisation.

Refresher training is also offered to covering generals rules and regulations such as, driver responsibilities, domestic drivers’ hours, breaks from driving, driving time, daily and weekly rest (and compensation), double manning, mixed driving (in-scope and out-of-scope), over hours (what to do in an ‘emergency’),the tachograph instrument itself (how it works and what it records), how to fill in the centre field of a chart (using different types of chart),how to fill in a chart if the vehicle breaks down, what to do if the tachograph breaks down and what to do if stopped by an Enforcement Officer.

How to book a course

We have a range of tachograph training courses on going throughout the year. The duration will range from ½ day to 2 days depending on your training requirement. Please call our office for future training dates.